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Hi don’t starve team and playersFirst off, love the game.Next… sorry for the bad spelling, English is so very not my first language.Next… the suggestions.Would recommend that if possible, make the world more living.By that I mean, more types of trees, also give the trees a lifespan.Seed/acorn, gets planted, small tree, medium tree, large tree, old tree, dead tree.Like it is now but make their lifespan longer, with the added effect that when tree dies, it bursts which leaves a seed or two, which then grow into new trees.Also if possible add a new stage in the lifespan, it should be random which tree gets this stage but it should be a very small percentage.This new stage would be called ancient tree, if a tree gets it, it restarts as a “small” ancient tree (but still larger than a normal fully grown tree). The ancient stage would then follow the the same growth path as the normal three except it takes longer to grow, is harder to cut down (can only be cut with gold axe), never dies and since the ancient is large than the normal trees it takes more space and nourishment from the ground which kills nearby threes, the lumber from this three could be used to make special items.Example of the life span of the normal tree.Seed/acorn, gets planted, small three, medium three, large three, old three, dead three.Example of the life span of the ancient tree.Normal Seed/acorn, gets planted, normal small three, normal medium three, normal large three, small ancient three, medium ancient three, large ancient three.It would also be nice if all the other plants and bushes in the game had a lifespan or the possibility to make more.Right now grass, twig bush and berry bush, is a limited to how many there are in the world.Can’t make more grass, twigs or berry bushes but the amount can be decreased.Next… the creatures of the world.Would like to see a lifespan of the creatures.And that they needed to eat. If only just the look of it(like the beefalo)Basically the creatures having more purpose in the world,Like beefalo eating grass and making baby beefalos, tall bird eating whatever and making baby tall birds.Maybe give the creatures a set of rules to follow.example of creature rulesLone creatures die out but will try to find more of their own kind.Creatures want to stick together, although sometimes one or more will wander off.It takes x number of creatures to make a group or herd.Herds have an living area, this area have x number of food in it, more or less depending on where the herd is, the number of food dictates how big a herd can grow. X number food = x number herd members.If no food, the herd will search for more.Player can increase herd size by planting more food, or building a enclosure with food stand for the herd.If these suggestions has been made before, then you have my apologies.Don’t be too hard on me, this is my first post.Best regards steffen.And thanks for the so far Awesome game.

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