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Silent Character

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Hey, recently I've been adding on to my mod and I have been trying to add custom sounds to him. I've made the fsb and fev files in FMOD, and added the assets, remapsoundeffect, and inst.soundsname to him. However, I have been experiencing a problem where whenever I try it ingame, he is mute. This is the part in my mod main:

Assets = {    Asset("SOUNDPACKAGE", "sound/darthvader.fev"),    Asset("SOUND", "sound/darthvader_bank00.fsb"),}RemapSoundEvent( "dontstarvetogether/characters/darthvader/death_voice", "darthvader/sound/death_voice" )RemapSoundEvent( "dontstarvetogether/characters/darthvader/hurt", "darthvader/sound/hurt" )RemapSoundEvent( "dontstarvetogether/characters/darthvader/talk_LP", "darthvader/sound/talk_LP" )

Thanks for any help

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