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Whats triggering the trap?

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So I have a custom character with a custom chester and its suppose to not trigger traps when walked over.


Well apparently someone reported that he does trigger the trap and cause the game to crash. Problem is I thought the tag inst:AddTag("notraptrigger") fixed that.


So whats going on?

The part of the code causing the problem

local old_RUMMAGE = GLOBAL.ACTIONS.RUMMAGE.fn GLOBAL.ACTIONS.RUMMAGE.fn = function(act)    if act.target.prefab == "personal_dogoo" then         print("GLOBAL.ACTIONS.RUMMAGE--"..tostring(act.doer.components.inventory))        result = act.doer.components.inventory:FindItem(function(item)            if item.prefab == "personal_dogoo_eyebone" then                print("GLOBAL.ACTIONS.RUMMAGE--"..tostring(item).."--ok--")                return true            end        end)        if result then             return old_RUMMAGE(act)        else            print("GLOBAL.ACTIONS.RUMMAGE--"..tostring(item).."--fail--")             act.doer:DoTaskInTime(1, function ()                act.doer.components.talker:Say("No Can Do!")            end)            return false        end    else        return old_RUMMAGE(act)    endend


[string "../mods/workshop-472803272/modmain.lua"]:364: attempt to index field 'target' (a nil value)

Is the crash error and the line

  if act.target.prefab == "personal_dogoo" then 

is the culprit.


The supposed traps that are conflicintg is rezecib's Landmines mod and TheSun's Spike Trap mod. Could be other traps in the game itself also.

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Did you actually test it? I just ran a couple tests with the base game traps (toothtrap and beemine), rezecib's landmines and sun's spike traps. The little blue guy didn't trigger any of those.

Your crash isn't related to traps at all, but rather by someone/something trying to access a Dogoo's inventory. When it comes to ACTIONS it's always a good idea to check if the target or the doer aren't nil before doing something with them.
.. So! To fix your crash, just a simple

if act.target and act.target.prefab == "personal_dogoo" then 

will do.

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