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overwrite a PrefabFiles

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I have a doubt, if I want overwrite a default PrefabFiles (ex : scripts/prefabs/beefalo.lua) with my custom prefab beefalo.lua, i must do write in my modmain.lua :


PrefabFiles = {






for it to be loaded or it is not necessary ?



(sorry for my bad english :o)

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as Kzisor said, you better to not overwrite. Just modify some strings, functions etc. which you want. That's how f.e. AddRecipe works - it just modify recipes (adds one more), but not overwrite the whole file.

+ you can replace the whole function with your custom one, or just replace some strings. f.e. Spear uses is 150 (can't remember). You may add strings to just increase uses:

inst.components.finiteuses:SetMaxUses(TUNING.SPEAR_USES * 2)    inst.components.finiteuses:SetUses(TUNING.SPEAR_USES * 2)

it will replace the old strings

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