[H] WX-78, Wolfgang & Pigman [W] Wilson, Chester & offers


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I recently got some don't starve blind box figures and am willing to trade Wolfgang, Wx-78 and a pigman ( I'd be most willing to trade Wolfgang and least willing to trade the pigman ) for wilson and chester ( I'd prefer Wilson to chester).

I'll think about other offers and even if this becomes an old post unless I have stated that I'm not looking for anything else please post your offer.

I will take pictures if necessary and will pay for my postage as long as you do the same.

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OK that's great, do you have another figure or want to buy one because other wise I'd be inclined to keep the pigman, but as your the only offer I have had I'd be willing to give you the choice of which one you wanted. The accessories packet for WX-78 is open ( I got a little over excited when I first got them and WX-78 was the first one I opened). WX-78 came with a Dark Sword, Wolfgang a Bat Bat and the pig,an a oramental (that's spelled wrong isn't it) shovel.

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