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Squashing Bugs with a custom item, help please!

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Okay, so I am at my wit's end with this. I'm trying to make a custom spear for my custom character. I have basically everyhting working, except right before I join a world the game crashes and gives me this error:


 WARNING! Could not find region 'globestaff_aristotlemeans.tex' from atlas 'images/inventoryimages.xml'. Is the region specified in the atlas?

[00:00:56]: Looking for default texture '(null)' from atlas 'images/inventoryimages.xml'.
 However, as seen in attachments, the items in question are CLEARLY there. It's also showing inventoryitems as an XML file, wheras it should be a folder, I think. This is my first mod, so it's been rough.
 I will attach the code to the spear. if anyone is willing to look through it and see if they can find what's wrong, that'd be absolutely swell. Thank you so much in advace and let's hope this is an easy fix! If you need anymore info, I will do my best to get it to you. Thanks again! You have no idea how huge a help this is!



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