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Hello everybody,

my name's Scott and I'm a sarcasmoholic.

I was poking around scripts and made something I found something useful for myself. A tiny modification which allows you do some cheating, using the voice activated elevator transport beam not being in the exit area.

It is not cool; and I didn't use this while playing campaign. It makes sense when you play in Endless mode and do not want to lose an agent just now. By the way, it's not right that you may find an incapacitated and left for dead agent in a Detention Center with all items he had. They must vanish.


So, I don't think it's useful for someone but me, yet I want to start my own conversation here^^


Using this mod's an unsportsmanship behavior :) but if you are about to lose your long-played Endless... it's an option.


An 'Exit' ability appears when being under Overwatch and only in Endless mode.

Maybe it would be nice if it worked only if you have one agent left (as 'Last words' do).

I also thought of making a very expensive disposable item allowing to deploy it and get a temporary exit cell next turn, even started editing script files and wrote strings for it. It would have some difficulties, e.g. it consumes 10 PWR, explodes if not used or broken by guard killing all around including your agent, if used it may cause a weakier explosion, too, therefore leading to unnecessary kills possibility and additional cleanup cost, it would cost huge sum of bucks and be one use only and so on.

TECHTELEPORT = "Homemade teleport"
TECHTELEPORT_TOOLTIP = "Creates a one cell, one use and one turn lasting homemade teleport after one turn charging up. Costs one thousand credits (at least). Explodes accidentally if not used after charged up due to enormous energy overload, devastating all and everyone in range of 5. This will disintegrate your agent and integrate him into your jet... maybe. (It worked last time being checked out!)"
TECHTELEPORT_FLAVOR = "Having good technical skills, interest in science and being a bit ill-minded, one can easily construct a homemade nuclear bomb using some crap from a junkyard and a toy lilac rabbit. But who needs a nuclear bomb these days? A homemade teleport is much more useful."

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