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Set Query Port and IP to bind server to

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Is there a method to set the query port (by default 27015) in a similar fashion as setting the join port ( -port 10999)?

Also, the query port binds to by default as well, and all other ports bind to the "first" or main IP on a server with multiple public IPs.

Is there an option to force it to bind to a certain IP? such as -ip

This would be greatly appreciated to have available as it conflicts with other servers using port 27015 currently.

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Actually seems the Query Port force binds to 27016

So for example, if you want to run two servers on the same hardware, since there is not a method of binding to multiple IPs, only changing the join port, they conflict and only one can be queried using a tool such as HLSW.org

Is there a setting option or command line variable to change this or is it hard set in the code?

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  • Developer

Hi @JestServers

You can set the steam query port by adding the following lines in your settings.ini : 

[network]steam_master_server_port = XXXX

Or by adding:

-steam_master_server_port XXXX
argument  when starting the dedicated server. The specified port should be greater than 1024.

Feel free to mention me if you need any further info about this :)

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