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[HELP] How to Rename Builds with Buildrenamer?

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When trying to make a custom character I can never seem to rename the builds. I do not get any help from the tutorials as they do not cover how to rename the builds, in fact the design tutorial tells me "I will not need the files in the .anim folder" as it will automatically compile them for me. It does not, in fact it tells me the mod has crashed because it cannot find the anim folders.


I know absolutely nothing about coding and given that the character tutorials did not include a step by step tutorial on how to rename or code files the mod will always be broken. I need help.

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it will automatically compile them for me.

this sound like u use a template with an "exported" folder. yes, u dont need the buildrenamer then, your problem is something that prevents the animfiles from being created.

first of all, have u installed the "dont starve mod tools"?

does the compiler pop up everytime before u start the game?

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