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Bug Submission:

Category: Gameplay

Issue Title: Cannot play LAN

Issue Description: Guys. I have been trying to get your help for TWO WHOLE MONTHS. My sister and I cannot play. We have been unable to stream because of this. We have most likely lost all of our followers that we were managing to get. We are very upset that it has taken you guys this long to help us. I have sent you our logs twice, which you were using to determine what our issue is, but have stopped replying. PLEASE reply, and finally help us. It should NOT take 2 months to get something like this resolved.

Steps to Reproduce: Log on, my sister hosts the LAN server, I try to connect and I cannot detect her server. We have no mods; we used to, but since the big update, we have been unable to log on. We have both verified our game files like 15 times each. Please answer us and help...

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Hey there, I'm sorry to hear about that; we're definitely not ignoring you or your sister.


Checking our records, it looks like we had responded on May 28th asking for more information on the issue (the previous logs provided were truncated). Perhaps the email was flagged and placed in your spam folder - to help you out, I have re-sent the email for your convenience.

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