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Question about World presets

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Hey all,


I've recently bought DST and I was wondering whats the difference between all the world presets you use such as together forever, Default, and Default plus? I'm recently running a dedicated server and I can't figure out how to change these setting or if its even worth trying.




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In the (D:\Users\UrName\Documents\Klei\myDSTserver) <-whatever your folder is... 

i added in a new file called worldgenoverride.lua (Got this tip from the extended map generation mod)

Then basically edit it to what you want if you want to customize it. This only comes into effect when you generate a new world, doesn't change existing world. 


If you want to use the same settings as one of the presets in the client when you host a game through that, just match the settings in this file with that. 

return {        override_enabled = true,        unprepared = { -- "never", "rare", "default", "often", "always"                berrybush = "default",                cactus = "default",                carrot = "default",                mushroom = "default",        },        misc = {                autumn = "verylongseason", -- "noseason", "veryshortseason", "shortseason", "default", "longseason", "verylongseason", "random"                boons = "default", -- "never", "rare", "default", "often", "always"                branching = "default", -- "never", "least", "default", "most"                day = "default", -- "default", "longday", "longdusk", "longnight", "noday", "nodusk", "nonight", "onlyday", "onlydusk", "onlynight"                frograin = "rare", -- "never", "rare", "default", "often", "always"                lightning = "default", -- "never", "rare", "default", "often", "always"                loop = "default", -- "never", "default", "always"                season_start = "default", -- "default", "winter", "spring", "summer", "random"                spring = "default", -- "noseason", "veryshortseason", "shortseason", "default", "longseason", "verylongseason", "random"                summer = "shortseason", -- "noseason", "veryshortseason", "shortseason", "default", "longseason", "verylongseason", "random"                touchstone = "default", -- "never", "rare", "default", "often", "always"                weather = "default", -- "never", "rare", "default", "often", "always"                wildfires = "rare", -- "never", "rare", "default", "often", "always"                winter = "shortseason", -- "noseason", "veryshortseason", "shortseason", "default", "longseason", "verylongseason", "random"                world_size = "huge", -- "default", "medium", "large", "huge"        },        animals = { -- "never", "rare", "default", "often", "always"                alternatehunt = "default",                angrybees = "never",                beefalo = "often",                beefaloheat = "rare",                bees = "default",                birds = "default",                butterfly = "default",                buzzard = "default",                catcoon = "default",                frogs = "default",                hunt = "default",                lightninggoat = "default",                moles = "default",                penguins = "default",                perd = "default",                pigs = "default",                rabbits = "default",                tallbirds = "default",        },        monsters = { -- "never", "rare", "default", "often", "always"                bearger = "default",                chess = "default",                deciduousmonster = "rare",                deerclops = "default",                dragonfly = "default",                goosemoose = "default",                houndmound = "default",                hounds = "rare",                krampus = "default",                liefs = "default",                lureplants = "default",                merm = "default",                spiders = "default",                tentacles = "default",                walrus = "default",        },        resources = { -- "never", "rare", "default", "often", "always"                flint = "often",                flowers = "default",                grass = "default",                marshbush = "default",                meteorshowers = "default",                meteorspawner = "default",                reeds = "default",                rock = "often",                rock_ice = "default",                sapling = "default",                trees = "default",                tumbleweed = "default",        },}

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