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Help? Crippling lag, no matter what.

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I have two other friends who have Don't Starve Together, but no matter who hosts, none of us can effectively play on the other's server. We all have decent internet and live within a few miles of each other.


The issue is that when we connect, any movement appears to work for a moment, then the character begins rubber-banding and moving unpredictably. Eventually the character stops, usually ending up in a place the player was not expecting them to. Trying to collect and item, the character will make it's slow, yet erratic way over to it, then leans down and play the animation, but fails to collect the item. Then the character will do it again, and again, until it does work.


Suffice to say it's entirely unplayable. We are all playing on current versions via Steam, and like I said before, all get at least 5Mb/s down and 1 up. Ping times are within 100ms, usually below 50. We all, also, are able to play other games together without an issue, and connecting to our servers is not an issue. That goes just fine. 


Thanks for the help(?)!




So, I'm only posting a new topic because I have found literally zero topics on these forums about this issue. If this is not a good place to post this / it has already been addressed elsewhere, please inform me of it and I will do my best to cooperate. I'm not putting this in the bug tracker, and I will not unless nobody has an answer.


I saw topics elsewhere (steam forums) on this subject, but generally the topics were older, had not been addressed by the developers, and had no real solution. Many people said they had no issues whatsoever. Many people seemed to be experiencing the same issue. A Google search reveals only people looking for help, no solutions.


We understand this game is in beta, but looking at recent updates to the game, it seems as if the devs are not aware this is an issue for some people, and subsequently, are not working on fixing it. Not to say they are doing their job poorly, I just want to make sure that this gets addressed. We have paid for the game, and there's no 'reason' for us to not be able to play together...

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Hello @xurol, this issue has been here for some time and yes, for most this is not a problem but some have this issue, it may be caused by the game's movement prediction... here's some responses by more technically savvy forumers regarding the issue:





You can also put these on general discussion but more appropriate in the Bug Reports. Also, you can use the search bar to find these topics :)

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