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FollowSymbol and hiteffectsymbol

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i have one of my creatures spawn a mark that is supposed to hover above it for a few seconds and then vanish, this is the function i use in its prefab to do that:

local function HydraMark(inst) 	inst.SoundEmitter:PlaySound("hydra/hydra/hydra_mark")	local pos = Vector3(inst.Transform:GetWorldPosition())        local mark=CreateEntity()	mark.entity:AddTransform()	mark.entity:AddAnimState()	mark:AddTag("FX")	mark:AddTag("NOCLICK")	mark:AddTag("NOBLOCK")	mark.AnimState:SetBank("hydraliskmark")        mark.AnimState:SetBuild("hydraliskmark")        mark.Transform:SetPosition(pos:Get())	mark.AnimState:PlayAnimation("idle_pre")	mark.AnimState:PushAnimation("idle",true)	mark.persists=false	local follower = mark.entity:AddFollower()        follower:FollowSymbol(inst.GUID, inst.components.combat.hiteffectsymbol, 0, 0, 0)    mark:DoTaskInTime(4,function(markinst) markinst:Remove() end)end
now, without using the entity-follower, it works fine, and previously it even worked fine with the follower. but a few days ago it suddenly stopped working, and now the mark is invisible while using the follower(it still there, i checked it with adding a shadow to it).

anyone know what the problem is? how exactly does it use the hiteffectsymbol and the coordinates that i pass to it?

and i was generally wondering how the game uses the hiteffectsymbol in combat, cause my creature is also ranged and i have some problems like it facing the wrong way and the prjectile missing the target, both when the target is near. (i tried a bunch of different hiteffectsymbols with different results but no fix)

as far as i can tell, this is all handled by the executable?

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