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Weird bug only happens on dedicated server

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I get this wierd bug that comes in 2 forms; can't see anything, and can kinda see. 


For can't see anything, the screen is all black except for a hurt overlay and your hud, as shown below.  For can kinda see, the hurt overlay is still there, but you can see the world fine.  The main problem with these, is that they always show your stats at 0 or negitive numbers.  Eating, picking flowers, or anything that would change these stats doesn't change how they show, but characters will eventually say they're hungry, suguesting that the stats are normal, they just aren't showing properly.


I had a non-dedicated server with the exact same mods, and got no problems, which is why I think it's related to the dedicated server.


Has anyone gotten these problems?


The server is Fiskie's Furry Friendly Dedicated DST server.


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