[Client Crash] - LUA ERROR images/inventoryimages.xml


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Bug Submission:

Category: Client Crash

Issue Title: LUA ERROR images/inventoryimages.xml

Issue Description: It seems to me that randomly while playing (usually while interacting with an object but not always) I get this crash (see screenshot). http://forums.kleientertainment.com/uploads/monthly_06_2015/form-666685-0-26147700-1434756684_thumb.jpg

It has happened while I host servers (causing all others on the server to disconnect) or while I am on another's server. After the crash, if I try to log back into the same world it crashes as soon as it loads. No one else that I play with has experienced this problem.

I have never installed any mods or add-ons to the game. It is a vanilla client.

Steps to Reproduce: Join or host multiplayer (2 player) server and play like usual. I play LAN with my SO. Possibly connected to using certain objects (cannot confirm any consistent item as it seems to happen with different things)

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Update: I was able to recreate this error by looting rabbit traps that I did not lay myself containing a caught rabbit. This happened twice now in similar fashions on two different public servers using two different characters (Wigfrid and Wendy). Again, after experiencing the error and being forced to shut down, I try to reenter that same server and the game crashes immediately giving the same error.


I have included another screenshot of the event although it isn't much different from the first.


I hope this helps to find the cause.




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I have now received a similar error (and subsequent crash) by joining a public server as Wolfgang and picking up an eyebone.




For me this is a gamebreaking error because once it happens, on top of crashing the game, I can no longer join that server without getting the error on reload. 


If anyone else is getting similar errors please post so we can try to find the source of the issue.


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i get the same crash when i was testing my mod ,i actually should delete the code i wanna add to the mod,then the crash will disappear ,till now ,i havent figure out what's wrong within my code ,it always show the same crash.

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