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  1. i enabled some client-side mod, no server side mode, and i have no problem playing on other server, this is played on my own server,i m the host. i did use some command-line commands to test things, it's really weird that there's a base mini-map at the corner of the map.
  2. he can craft something like this as backpack where he can dry the meat , and eat dried meat on the go. pigs will follow u , and drool. hilarious. Im just kidding.
  3. of course, i meant dst for switch, a lot of people just do not have the time playing computer games at home everyday, they will probably prefer something portable, playing with friends and something like that. when stardrew valley supported multiplayer, i went ahead and check the eshop there was only dont starve. not dont starve together, it would require more effort to port dst that's for sure, and people also complain about no mods on the portable console, i dont care, no mods, it's good. even if the team have had unlimited resources, games are still under the constraint of the game loop, but , still , a lot of things i said are still true, during the late game, no new possibility is created (such as wall resources are cheaper , or maybe other builds, turning into a creation mode game, or world is reshaping, big event happened, all the monsters deals more damage, more stressing environment, all in all, just make the game harder , not when u get to specific area, but even near the base, affects every piece of the player's soul, mentioning that:"u are a hardcore player, u probably love this game very much, so we have a special gift, we r gonna make things difficult for ya"), every piece of the world u just know it and understand their behavior very well, when u've learned everything about this game, shame..that's when u really start missing something, u start wondering, hey, maybe i shouldn't check the wiki, shouldn't watch the stream, i simply ruined the game experience myself. when did u learn that Drop stuff can be done by pressing Shift and MouseRight, well , maybe u learned it by just clicking around, by accident, u know what, hey, when i press Shift, the UI said that i can drop things quickly. alright, that's good, but when did u learn that feeding 4 monster meat can make pig turn into werepig? no , i didn't learn that from the game, i learned that from live streaming, among other things, i learned them from the wiki. see? this game is encouraging u to learn it OUTSIDE the game instead of inside the game, and after u have learned how things works, the entire experience is ruined, u dont feel fear when hounds coming, u dont feel worried when a boss is about. how do i put this, early game , dst is still top tier. workshop system , wonderful, multiplyer , amazing, just don't encourage people to check wiki everyday. also, too many things are repeated, u shouldn't let player also do repeated things they'll get bored, late game content. i guess i just expect more from u guys. also , i m sorry for the tone i posted earlier, i simply thought there's no one was gonna reply anyway, so i complained about it a little. well, more expectations, maybe also can be considered as complement.yes i admit, it's a complement.looking forward to new updates.
  4. astounding, what a loyal player, did u get brain-washed? lmao, do u even have ur own words other than copy and paste?
  5. Believe me ,the community is becoming merely a tool for fixing some bugs when ur game become popular. they no longer direct the future of the game. also , most programmers are truely horrible designers, game design should take considerable amount of time. ideas and suggestions should open wide. for dst, i only love the program,i dont like this game, yet i still check the forum every now and then, i get bored when i spent a hundred hours in it, often when this feeling occurs , i wonder why, well, it's because the game is literally garbage when get into the late stage. everything is repeated over and over again , i guess most of the game will be like this, but still some of them handle this pretty well, in dst, everything is too simple, ok, i dont even think this game is better than L4D2. which is also a survival game, but, a master piece.u feel content when u survived, in dst, no such feeling. i guess , the only thing that i want to say is , if u dont feel like it, just DELETE the stupid game, and START playing a different game. yet Klei still refuses to port they game to nintendo switch. Outstanding! to tell the truth, nobody would ever play this game if there's no live streaming. because the in-game tutorial is garbage. stop saying that u love a game because it can help u in killing time, i would only love a game because it defined creativity.
  6. isn't it at least 15 days before u can even start a vote? i don't think they do, they r probably just survived 1-3 days, but they can start a vote, what's going on? not only start a vote to kick players who survived at least 20 days , but also they start a vote to regenerate, i mean, it's not just one griefer, there's a group of griefers. after regenerating, they just disconnected. what a nice day!
  7. Right, Magic explains anything, that's convenient. code doesn't need to change, convenient, number system is way too complex if we do it this way, we will just stay the way they are, we don't have to listen to the player and just publish the game, convenient. There's an animation while getting hit showing that dev is already aware of this SKIN is different from a health meter. so, maybe it will just stay this way, New version Wormwood. Wormda! actually , i don't even care,why would anyone take their time to talk about this? after all, i just want to point out the most pronounced makes-no-sense feature . dont be so hysteric , have some logic, i dont see your reasoning, of course u will be punished by taking a hit from monster, i never said she won't, now, what games have u designed? i wanna take a look, u think im a weirdo? of course i'm a weirdo! why wouldn't i be? after watching the video again. all the explanations about this still hold. until someone convince me.
  8. in the second suggestion, it's more of a " a boy got hit by a car, he is really damaged, he recovers slower , his cells aging faster , he will look like an old man if these damages are not treated" normally this boy would still age, but by getting hit, makes him more vulnerable , and age faster, i think that make more sense to me. "a boy got hit by a car , he soon became a mature man" , i dont think that make sense.
  9. that make sense, i agree, it's really a different health meter, but im still not convinced in "a boy got hit by a car , then he is a mature man now", how come by getting hit, time will progress by some amount? ticking the clock in a short period while being hit is unreal. feels like a health meter.
  10. it's still the same , bro, Wormwood Health Meter SKIN, what's the difference. manage the health decrease rate is gonna be different from Walter, in the first suggestion, it's not very ideal, i was just saying, making it more of a Time meter instead of a health meter. In the second suggestion, I think it's clear that getting hit is still detrimental to Wanda. since the clock will tick faster, so she can be a Rate-management-centered character, not Health-management-centered. we already have a Wormwood that's a Health-management-centered character.
  11. ok , i have no more questions. it's reasonable to have a new skin be called a new character design though. right, it's a health meter skin. where's the special? i dont see any difference.
  12. No, I want wanda to be special, she's already so special, why can't her Time meter be a total different meter to Health Meter.
  13. ok , then, if that is the case, i don't think there's any need to replace the Health bar to trick people if the mechanics are all the same under the hood. that makes Wanda a character who drains Health to gain Power. and The Time meter, It's a Health Bar SKIN!
  14. "have to keep tabs on not dying to old age after a fight for a long period of time" can really describe the state after battle when playing as Wanda, if this was an intense fight, and she were to have HP Meter instead, she would have already died in the battle. but, as Wanda, she can still live for a short while, meanwhile, Time meter will tick like crazy because she had taken too much damage. player has to manage to survive in this period. and i think this is a better way to describe Wanda's health meter, this would be a new play style. getting hit will not be handled by player in an instant , but handled in the long run.
  15. This is a topic that i would post if you haven't yet post it.. OF course wurt should be able to swim, i mean.. even HOUNDS can swim. Hound is not a fish, nor a fish-like..
  16. wait, i just come up with an idea, also , i would still insist that "Damage received is dealt over time" is the same as HP meter if this "over time" is too short , in a short amount of time, Damage is dealt in the form of Time Meter value loss, this is literally still the HP meter. but , by reading your post, How about after taking damage, the Time Meter will accumulate faster, by getting hit more, Wanda's Time meter will tick way faster than before, instead of decreasing the value directly , we can accumulate the decreasing rate. that gives the player the warning " be careful, at this rate, u can not hold any longer". not just over a short amount of time, but like days , like , a longer amount of time, that would make more sense to me. At the very least, It's no longer the Health Meter any more.
  17. i don't mean to complain about it , i have a certain expectation, i mean, Klei is good, also if they are this good, they are open to suggestions "shorten your possible lifespan" is right, that should definitely take in to consideration, but does it make u even older.. for example, a boy getting hit by a car , he looks like a mature man now.
  18. Yeah, really reasonable , why not just replace it with HP meter, then drain the HP instead? losing time upon existing is good, but losing time upon getting hit is weird. don't u think?
  19. No, i already explained, even if she does not lose health, after been hit, she is still in a way danger situation than before. and this effect accumulates, does not lose Time meter does not mean she is an invincible character
  20. ok , after watching this, i immediately lost interest to wanda.. getting hit by monster should not lose time, that's way too weird, Doesn't seem to be reasonable at all, instead, without getting too tricky , without introducing other Meters , i think even lose Sanity would be better, well , maybe Wanda is an martial art expert, she does not lose HP, but he hate monsters , and she lose Sanity after been hit, also, the older Wanda gets, Sanity will also decrease, because why not, do u like being old? No,of course not, we "DON'T LIKE" being old, or even older, this "DON'T LIKE" can be represented using Sanity, or maybe other meters, yes, i became older, i freaked out, Wanda gets older, Wanda also freaks out, The lower the Sanity , The dangerous the environment will become, and also , if "Doesn't lose HP" seems to be too powerful for Wanda, she can totally drain Sanity way faster than normal, and additionally ,when sanity becomes 0, This is when Time meter drain starts to kick in, so HP Loss can be totally represented in Sanity, i think the design in this video most of them seems good, but this part to me looks really silly. if Time Meter is already the Same as HP meter, why need this Time meter design anyway, it's still the Same HP meter. Update: I have 2 suggestions: 1. get rid of the "you will lose Time meter value instantly when getting hit", deal with this mechanic with another meter. 2. get rid of the "you will lose Time meter value instantly when getting hit", change it to accumulating Time meter Tick Rate. instead of changing time value , getting hit will change the rate. Suppose normally she would be dead after 3 days with no intervention to Time meter, getting hit will make this Time period shorter. if she were to have HP meter, and the damage taken can already declare her death. then the Tick rate should be noticeably fast, and she will die in a short period if no intervention.
  21. its when they offline ,the disappear animation,where can i find it? i know there is a inst.Remove to remove a prefab is there any animation can do this? i dont want the prefabs disappear immidiately.