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Commission: Custom DST character mod wanted

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Hi guys!

I'm looking for an experienced modder to create a custom DST ROG character for me.

Payment to be discussed with the chosen modder, for a quality job I'm happy to pay a lot.



150 hunger

100 sanity

150 health

Pros -

* The darkness is my friend

- doesn't lose sanity during dusk / nighttime as she's blind.

* My garden is all I have

- before coming to the DST world, Asteria was confined to her backyard, as her parents were afraid she'd hurt herself. Due to this, she became used to the feeling of the plants around her and can fertilize crops in winter

* Lonely girl

- gains a small sanity boost when near other humans

Cons -

* What was that!?

- each unknown noise terrifies Asteria, she loses 1.5x as much sanity from monsters

* I don't know what I'm eating...

- Is vegetarian ever since someone tried to feed her fried rat

* A whole new world

- walks 10% slower than other characters

Interested? Then please comment on this thread! I'd like to see examples of your work, and we can discuss price as well.


I'm also looking for help with balancing my character, so if you have any suggestions then please let me know :)

Thanks in advance to anyone that replies!

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the features u want for her are all pretty simple, if u do the artwork yourself, u can just use this template:


to create the character, it's pretty simple to use, there's also a tutorial linked. 

and then u can just ask here for how to code her features, most of them seem pretty simple, so pple will help u for free anyway, like the runspeed:

inst.components.locomotor.runspeed = TUNING.WILSON_RUN_SPEED*0.9
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