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Sorry if this is the wrong place to post this (and i will be very grateful to be pointed where these kind of questions should go) but i have a question after having played on a server with my brothers recently.


We had gotten to day 12 when the hounds, as usual, would show up. We had separated some distance from each other before they had attacked. Thinking it would only be 2 hounds each or 1 after one of us and 1 after the other we prepared for battle.


What caught us off guard was the attack of 4 hounds per player. (2 players at that time).


Yet yesterday when we played we only were attacked by 2 in total (We were all in the same place at that time and there was 3 of us).


So my question is: If you are separated from any other players do the dogs increase in number? Or was this just a freak accident?



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local EXP_PER_PLAYER = 0.05local ZERO_EXP = 1 - EXP_PER_PLAYERlocal groupexp = 1.0 / (ZERO_EXP + (EXP_PER_PLAYER * #info.players))info.houndstorelease = RoundBiasedDown(math.pow(info.houndstorelease, groupexp))

So, for example, with 3 players, you get a groupexp of 1.1


Lets assume each player gets a crazy wave of 7 hounds each (crazy waves go from 7 to 10 hounds, random).

7 + 7 + 7 = 21

21 ^ ( 1 / 1.1 ) = 15.9

RoundBiasedDown = 15


So they get 15 hounds instead of 21.

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