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Hello everybody, just a quick heads up on some of the changes that recently went in with the modding tools:


Mod Uploader:

- Fixed a crash when uploading to the workshop: files and directories with names starting with a "." should not be uploaded.

- Added an "Upload Redundant Files" option. After being compiled certain files don't need to be uploaded. The redundant file formats are: "png", "jpg", "jpeg", "gif", "bmp", "fla", "scml", "mp3", "wav", make sure this option is checked if you still want to upload these files.



- Whenever a mod failed to compile the autocompiler would stop working and not go through the remaining mods on the list. That has been fixed and the change should be included in the GitHub repository in the next few days.


If anyone has any questions or concerns, just let me know. :)

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