Ideal squad size for a Time Attack run

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I'm now doing a Time Attack run (Expert difficulty, with Faust + Brimstone to go for that achievement at once). I think I am ready for it, since I managed to complete both Endless Ironman and then Endless Day 5/10 on my first tries w/o dying or needing to rewind.


My only question is, should I refrain from a squad size of 4? I'm afraid it may hamper me slightly. So at the moment, I thought perhaps 3 is the ideal size? Not to forget, you get 2 extra members in the final mission.


On that, I have some questions. If Central is on my team, do I get just 1 extra member for the final mission? Also, what happens if I let the timer run down to 0?



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Hey himmatsj, so if you let the time run down to 0, it just auto ends your turn in the middle of whatever you are doing.  And taking Central to the end will indeed only add Monst3r to your team. 


It's hard to say if you were to get a 4th agent and just ignore them, unless you have extra time, if they would be an actual liability. You might end up leaving them in a place where a guard sees them, raising the tracker one point and setting a guard into alert mode, which would be worse than if they had not been there at all. On the other hand, just sitting them on a guard can be pretty useful even if you forget about them most of the time. 

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