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Dedicated Servers Mods and Steam Workshop problem

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I believe there should be an option in dedicated servers to have the ability to upload mods to clients from the server itself, not from Steam Workshop. Steam Workshop is quite unstable and especially on this Summer Sale event, thus making nearly all dedicated servers inaccessible if the mod is not on clients cache folder, e.g the messages like "You failed to download the required mods from Steam Workshop..." simply because Steam workshop is unreachable from the client side.


This issue has happened to me quite many times and have also heard a number of players unable to join dedicated servers exactly because of the same issue. I can see the log file and i can trace that every single mod that log file says "does not exist" actually does exist in Steam Workshop.


This would also solve the problem when a mod gets updated in workshop and clients cannot join anymore due to the server message, because the server would be able to upload the "outdated" mod to the client and client can still play. Until the next server restart, the server would get all of the updates to mods and is able to upload new mods to clients that join.


Would really love to see this configuration option in the game on dedicated servers.

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