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Dedicated Server Unexplained Lag

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Based on the wiki...


To create a reliable/performant Dedicated Server experience GSAs will want to ensure that their system has the following properties:

  • Internet (Upload) = 8Kbytes / player / s
  • Ram =  around 65Mbytes/player
  • CPU = N/A
  • VCRedist_2008 (x86)


And my specs...


Upload Speed: 6.79 mps = 848.75 Players

Ram: 16 GB = 246.15 Players
CPU = Intel Core i7 3.40 GHz = ? Players

VCRedist_2008 (x86) = Yes

I then should easily support 246 players, right? However everyone that joins my server, except people who are using my router, lag excessively. Can anyone explain why? It's usually just me and my fiance playing and when anyone else joins, it's massively lag until they leave because of it. That means that even with my above average specs, I can't support 3 players on a server. Right now my cap is set to 64, which is very low when compared to 246. I'm just not getting what's going wrong...



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