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Making an item usable by a specific character only

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Sorry if there's some extremely obvious answer that I'm missing, but I'm trying to figure out at the moment if there's some code I can put into an item prefab to make that item usable only by a specific character. I'm making a mod character who has a magic wand, which I want to be only usable by that character, not by Wilson or Willow for example if someone joins the server playing as one of them and picks up the wand. I know the "characterspecific" tag is a thing (was a thing? I can't seem to find it after a certain update a while back so I think that tag's no longer used, or am I wrong on that?) but I don't think that's used for this sort of thing anyway. Is there a way to go about doing this or is it not really something that can be done?

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Awesome, works like a charm! (You know, I feel like my problems with finding this sort of thing was me being incompetent with my searches or something, blah) Also additional thanks because working with this has for some reason helped me understand components a little better than working with any of the components the game's code has on its own.

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