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[Request]Simple seasons mod

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Hello there, talented modders!

Back in the times of pre-RoG pre-caves, there was a simple yet awesomely useful mod, that allowed to randomize seasons (winter and summer, back then) in a special way - it followed the length of season set (short, long, etc), but added a customizable (via editing modmain.lua, back then) percent of randomness to it's length - for example, one could set it to 50%, so the "long" season could be longer (or shorter) by any amount of days, up to 50% of its length. Of course, next time the same season appeared, its length was randomized again (so one winter could be much longer, while another much shorter, or just normal, the same, etc...).

It was - IMO - much better way of adding randomness to the season's length, than (current) vanilla's Don't Starve "random" season (which keep throwing at me 2-days long seasons). It allowed to have randomization and unpredictability, while keeping the length in sane borders.

Could one of you, please, re-do this wonderful mod? I think that it would be rather trivial for experienced modder... I tried to fiddle with files from old mod, but DS changed so much, that it seems writing it from scratch would be more productive. Unfortunately, doing so is way above my skills, and there is no up-to-date mod tackling with similar things, that I could steal learn from.


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