[Suggestion] Dreams and nightmares, Oh my!

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This is an old thread but I love this idea. However instead of how you designed it, I would make the nightmare defeatable. For example, if the nightmare was an "escape to your tent" dream, and you made it, you would wake up well rested, with a fist full of nightmare fuel! If the darkness caught you before you made it to the tent, you would wake up with very low sanity.This event would occur about 20% of the time your character goes to sleep. O_oP.S.: Oh oh! The BEST part would be... the main menu and world map... DOESN'T PAUSE THE GAME during the nightmare! That would be epic! OOOOOOooooh!

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I Love the idea of having a chance to get a nightmare while sleeping in a tent which make you loose much sanity.Maybe there can also be a little chance of having a good dream - you wake up in world full of flowers and food!When waking up your insanity is totaly restored, but you have lost a lot of hunger because of all the tasty food.

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