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  1. 1. Should a friends system be added?

    • Yes, but not like this
    • Yes, exactly like this
    • No

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I've noticed that others have been talking about being able to add friends in DST, and I'd like to propose my own ideas on the topic.


Adding Friends

  • Friends can only be added inside of a server
  • Friends list transfers by account, not world (Ex. I add my buddy from another server and I change to my new server because I died. I check my "Friends List" and it tells me if he/she is here or not.)
  • Right-click on a player nearby you and select "Add Friend"
  • Search name of player in lobby and select corresponding player 

Friends List

  • Access your friends list in-game via a hotkey 
  • Small decorative box listing my friends on the left column, and on the right it will address one of three options: 1. "Offline," 2. "[insert Server Name here]," or 3. "[insert Server Name here]."

Red = Offline

Green = Online on Same Server

Blue = Online on Different Server (Will show as blue when in lobby)

  • Access your friends list in the lobby via a separate tab/button

Removing Friends

  • Far right of all columns on Friends List will be a small "X" box that resembles a DST themed icon resembling this: http://imgur.com/nO2l9hW


Please leave your comments and suggestions. I'd love to hear your feedback and please vote in the poll.

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