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Biome Generation for Multiplayer - Smaller Biomes

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From what I see, this biome generator is not designed for multiplayer in mind at all. With a highly populated server or even a server with more than one player, you need to give us the ability to witness and reach all biomes more easily. Large biomes are problematic and limit the places that people may survive. As of right now, many people huddle around rocky biomes because of this, since gold and flint are crucial to have in the game. If biomes were smaller rather than absurdly large, there would be more rocky biomes spread out on the server, making players less likely to compete over a single large one.

I highly recommend changing the biome generator in making them smaller, or at least give us the ability to change the way it functions through settings when creating a server. Many times I find it near impossible to settle anywhere because I'm not finding the crucial biomes I need just to survive and once I do find a place, it's already inhabited by players.

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