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DST Custom Character Tools

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Do the "Textool" and "Buildrenamer" still work for the current version of DST files?


I would like to create a custom character but I see that these files have been uploaded 2 years ago or so and I'd like to know that they still work with the current version.


Also when I try to click the links of the "Textool" from the guides it brings me to an "You don't not have permission to access this" page. Could anyone tell me why this is?


Thanks for reading~

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Thanks for clearing this up for me and I didn't know they were made by the same person otherwise I would of just downloaded them both from the link you gave me which now I have done so making things easier on myself.


At first I thought they were from 2 different sources but now I understand. Also I'm not 100% why I'm getting denied permission through other posts but the link you gave me works 100%.


Thanks for the help~

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