Short modding pause

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WEll, its kinda obviouse that it means you wont see new mods from me for a while. So yeah, some informations for you why etc.



Klei is currently working an a new free update which will break some mods (due to edits to multiple files most mods use) and I do not want to make multiple mods and fix all of them for the new Version.


What am I going to to even while I pause:

-Work on the Modlist

-Debugg my Mods if persons have problems with them

-Help newbies. :-)


What Im going to do while I'll pause:

-get some ideas for new smaller mods (only changing some aspects)

-get ideas for my big modpack (changes alot of the balance)

-work on the documentation of the game to make it easier for persons who want to mod

-think about a way of more effective modding


How long:

Maybe a month or 2. Be ready for some cool things after that timespan

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