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Invisible Custom Structure

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Hello fellow modders,


I have recently started creating a custom structure whose sole purpose is to just stand there and look pretty (because I have no attached the code to it yet, ha!). However, I cannot get it to show up in-game. It's crafting icon shows up fine but everything else doesn't. When spawned on the map, it is invisible. The tutorial that I used was for Don't Starve so that might be where the problem lies. I looked at other mods that add custom structures (for DST) and everything seems fine so I definitely missed something. It's name doesn't show up fully in the crafting menu either. The mod is attached to this post.

Any help and guidance would be appreciated.

Custom Structure.zip

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the bank, which u set here

is the name of the animationfolder inside of the spriterfile in the animationtab. but in your spriterfile it is called "entity_000". u should rename it in your spriterfile to "nightmare_scarecrow".

edit: oh and the animation itself in "entity_000" is called "newanimation". u should probably rename that to "idle", since u call inst.AnimState:PlayAnimation("idle").

u should read more tutorials, there's a lot for spriter and custom items(buildings are an easier version of items pretty much): http://forums.kleientertainment.com/topic/28021-getting-started-guides-tutorials-and-examples/

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I knew it was a small detail I might have omitted. Fixed the name, added the idle and open animations and it is working now.

I'll look into more tutorials, thank you :grin:


EDIT: the structure is super small though. Any idea why? The graphic is 250x250

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