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Need help on how to make an animation build

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I was testing my mod after fixing some other errors with it, and I discovered that my character is invisible. Upon further investigation in the log file I saw that it stated "Could not find anim build liz". I looked at some other mods and compared them to my own, I had noticed that I was missing a couple of files. They were build.bin and anim.bin in the character animation zip. I was wondering how I would make these files for my own mod and what to put in them(The log file is attatched so you can see what I mean). Any help would be appreciated. Ty.


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You did some initial troubleshooting which makes me happy :)


Make sure that your scml is being compiled.  You can either compile it manually using scml.exe in the mod tools folder(or use one of any of the available helper batch files people have made, myself included), or you can temporarily move all other mods out of your mods folder so that the autocompiler can reach your mod instead of getting hung up on one of the others-- this is run automatically when you start the game.

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@Seiai, @Corrosive,

Ty for your help on this topic, but I believe I have figured out the problem. I tried what @Corrosive said and that didn't work. I then clicked the link that @Seiai posted and noticed that I was using outdated character templates and that the compiler wouldn't work correctly because I only had the atlas-0.tex and it was outdated. Ty for the help though.

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