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I just beat Expert for the first time, using a team of Banks and Nika, and then later rescuing Decker. Banks only needed a Neural Disrupter 3, some Titanium Rods for melee damage. I gave her an EMP Emitter 3 which she never used but was my chief hacker for PWR. Nika traded her marked disrupter for a Volt Disrupter 2, and several augments, the KO on cloak, Predicative Brawling and some armor penetration. Also a Biogenic DART. Decker I scraped together a Neural Disrupter 2, a Cooker sniper rifle and some charge packs.


It was a hairy ride but I was quite pleased with how things worked out, only having to sacrifice Decker at the very last turn. Obviously I like X-COM quite a bit, and therefore get a huge kick out of Invisible becoming more puzzle and less RNG.


That being said, I have questions about the story. It's pretty standard fare for cyberpunk, and despite how thin the story was, I still don't entirely understand what I managed to accomplish by the end of the game other than unintentionally crippling the entire world macroeconomy in 72 hours and discovering that I unleashed Digital Machiavelli.


Are there plans to flesh out the story with prequel DLC, and more one-liner dialogue and chatter between different agents based on their starting combination or rescuer, and what day they were rescued on? Being able to parse more of each agent's past this way would be really neat, akin to reading journals in Deus Ex or System Shock 2. More cutscenes would be great, but not necessary. It would be interesting to reveal more of Incognita's goals and personality by doing some narrative on when and how Central came across each of the other agents from angles that aren't in the dossiers Central keeps to confer with Operator.


Obviously the focus should be on expanding the amount of Daemons and guard types a player can encounter along with more tools of the trade for the player to discover, but given the art style and the narrative done already, you could easily have a mini-comic series on your hands and expand from the entertainingly cliche' backstories into something that lets people empathize with their favorite agents more and their agents' starting gear less.

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A lot of the devs have picked up fandom cues asking for more story and are working on adding information--it was previously stated that Invisible Inc had a thicker backstory, but they couldn't find a way to have it in-game without making things clunky or out-of-place. As far as I'm aware, 2 major projects to ammend that are being worked on at this time:

Kevin is working on adding game-start banter between agents; there's even a thread in the forum for this (I'd link it, but I'm on mobile).

Klei has announced the addition of several more agents in a paid-DLC. These agents are supposaidly former members of the Pan-Euro Intelligence Agency that was disbanded. What this means for story, we don't know yet--it could mean a rise of rebels against OmniCorp and Incognita, or it could even mean a prequel episode!

As far as current story, all we can do right now is stare in anguish at "OPERATOR DISCONNECTED" and pick up some mods from other users. The ending of campaign is super abrupt, though, so I don't think it's something Klei's just going to drop!

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