[Gameplay] - Guards pinning other guards

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Bug Submission:

Category: Gameplay
Platform: PC
Issue Title: Guards pinning other guards
Issue Description: Hi,

I noticed that a enemy guard which is KO can be pinned by another enemy guard which is standing in the same spot.

It happened once by accident and the second time i exploited it purposely.

On both attempts the Knockedout guard had only 1 turn of "KO-ness" remaining. So i don't know what happens if a guard stands on another guard with more than 1 turn of Knockout time.

Obviously you can't have 2 guards standing in the same spot but this is kinda ridiculous.

The second time i actually dragged the KO gaurd behind the door in order for the other guard (who already noticed me there the previous turn) to stand on him.

Is this an acceptable game feature? Or not?
Steps to Reproduce: - KO a guard.
- Get noticed by opening a door.
- Drag the KO guard behind that door
- Hide somewhere.....

And there you go

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Personally, I think that if a guard finds another guard, he has to wake the unconscious guard up instead of leaving him on the ground. So, the guard would stop 1 tile away from the unconscious guard to prevent a problem.


On a side note, why can a drone occupy the same tile as an agent?

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