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  1. Strange, it doesn't seem to work for me. 1. I start Steam like this: "E:\Games\Steam\Steam.exe" -silent -nochatui -nofriendsui -console 2. I go to a browser and type 'steam://nav/console' 3. Steam opens, but there is no console tab
  2. I started Steam with the '-console' command added. Where can I access the console? Where can I type 'steam://nav/console'?
  3. Could someone from Klei please comment on this problem? Or has this been fixed already?
  4. I didn't use Parasite much before, but now it's pretty much useless. I don't understand why it was crippled even more than it already was.
  5. Totally awesome! And free to boot?!? Now, that is what makes me happy as a customer! (I'm glad I bought Mark of the ninja, Don't starve, and Invisible Inc).
  6. Update Trailer - Six Feet Under

    Oh man, 3 days till the update... exciting times! I'll be sad when, after the next update, I won't see the counter till the next update
  7. Post-Launch Roadmap

    I just love the constant updates. I recently acquired Mark of the ninja because I like you guys so much. Turns out it's an awesome game as well!I'm now also eagerly awaiting Incognita.Many, many thanks for the updates to Don't starve. It's totally fantastic!