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Problems with my dedicated server (mod, map and connection wise)

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1) Today, I launched my server; and my mods are not being activated. Checked my mod file for ds dedicated server location and the mods are there, but they are not in when I launch the game. I even did that login thing for steamCMD again, and still; nothing!


2) People sometimes can't connect when I launch my server and that has been the case since yesterday till today, all the way through. And I did the same as I did for trying to get mods working.


3) When I restart the server, my map is gone. How do I stop this? It's annoying as it's harder for me to find spawn afterwards and hard for me to find my base when I'm away from it, or both.

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Having the same issues with the mod thing. I feel like the Dedicated Servers guide on the wiki leaves a lot to the imagination when it comes to mods. I understand that klei can't help us with mods themselves but getting a server to actually run mods would be nice. I sorta kinda got the mods thing together and it's because I found out some mods aren't for the server, they're for clients. However, getting the server to show the mods it's using and force users to use them is a different story altogether.


Summary: I wish they would explain how to enable mods through the GUI when the server starts, the problems I have might be from those errors in the opening prompt when starting the server. I use ForceEnableMods by the way. I don't know how to do it any other way.

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