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  1. Plants at 100 percent or close to it will drop their produce when the save is reloaded. Can easily be exploited by saving at 100% then loading it back up. This is what they will look like when reloaded.
  2. Not really sure how to describe this but I managed to capture a picture of three Algae Terrariums all acting very strangely. Some of my Terrariums won't absorb CO2, some of them will stop when over pressure (wut?) and some will work just fine. No idea how to replicate the ones that won't work it seems to be random but if you build enough I'm sure you'll see them doing this. Btw, this is super frustrating and lethal for my colony cause I rely almost entirely on algae terrariums most of the time. Shack.sav
  3. Here you go, it's still just sitting there.. staring at me.. waiting.. watching... At this point it's a challenge. Who breaks first, me, or the co2.. Shack.sav
  4. Can confirm it happens if you cancel a build midway through the build.
  5. No idea how this got here. Just cleared out a room area and built this stuff.
  6. Build a planter box and it just kept making the noise and particle effect. hotfix: reload save
  7. You have to build a bottle emptier for any sort of liquids you want to sweep up. It will empty one tile to the side of itself and you can set it to clean or polluted water or both.