New augment suggestion "Siphoned speed"

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I don't know if the devs will actually read this but i got an augment suggestion and i would like to hear everybody's thoughts on it



Siphoned movement:


Agent will gain 2 AP at the start of the turn per guard/drone that is currently KO with a maximum of 4 per turn. This augment cannot be installed multiple times. (Dead guards/drones don't count they don't have any energy left)





I think this augment will encourage a certain type of build (including paralyzers) while also being generally useful. Especially near the end of the mission. While net downlink encouragous players to hack to increase their movement speed this augment can help players especially in the end of a mission (to escape or get the objective)


The 2 AP with a max of 4 Ap could be changed ofcourse to other numbers... it is just a suggestion.


Opinions plz :-)



Edit: It is afcourse also possible to make this effect occur the same turn a guard gets Ko'd.. but im not sure about that


It also a very "team oriented augment" in the sense that someone can KO a guard on one side of the map just to let the other teammate get enough AP to stay out of sight somewhere else. 

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Costa87, please do your Suggestins in the Suggestions Subthread.



But I really like the idea behind the augment.

Oops... didnt see that section. I can't move it but i will repost it there and post where i should post next time. 

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