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Spawning a prefab at another prefabs location.

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Most of this is from the pond prefab. The problem with this code is it seems to spawn all instances of bamboo at the center of the world. I attempted to use GetWorldPosition and adding that to the location of the pond but it seems that isn't making the bamboo spawn near the pond.

local function AddBamboo(inst)  local spawns = {}  local pondx, pondz, pondy = inst.Transform:GetWorldPosition() -- this is my attempt at fixing the problem  for i = 1, math.random(3, 6)-3 do    local theta = math.random() * 2 * PI    table.insert(spawns,    {      offset =      {        (math.sin(theta) * 1.9 + math.random() * .3) + pondx,        0,        (math.cos(theta) * 2.1 + math.random() * .3) + pondy,      }    })  end  for i, v in pairs(spawns) do      if type(v.offset) == "table" and #v.offset == 3 then        local spawn = SpawnPrefab("bamboo")        if spawn ~= nil then          spawn.Transform:SetPosition(unpack(v.offset))        end      end  endend
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here's how i spawn stuff near my player:

local pos = GLOBAL.Vector3(player.Transform:GetWorldPosition())    local offset = (GLOBAL.FindWalkableOffset(pos,math.random()*GLOBAL.PI*2,0.5,false))    if offset == nil then          if  player.components.talker then          player.components.talker:Say("No Space!", 2.5)          end          return    end    pos=pos+offset    local unit=GLOBAL.SpawnPrefab("spider")    unit.Transform:SetPosition(pos:Get())
also, use prints to log the values of the position of the pond and the values u use for SetPosition. maybe your maths dont work out the way u want^^ Edited by Seiai
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They in-fact do not, the positions that are being returned by inst.Transform:GetWorldPosition() is apparently 0,0,0 thus the spawning near the center of the world. I presume this is because I'm adding this o the PostInit for the pond prefab and at that stage it has yet to determine it's location.


I'm trying to find out where AddPrefabPostInit is declared and hoping there is a similar function that runs later after the ponds have a position.

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