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Ignore OnKeyDown when Console Screen is up?

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How do I make a check to see if the Console Screen is up so that I can ignore Key Handler Events?


Here is the relevant code

TheInput:AddKeyDownHandler(key, function()     if not GLOBAL.IsPaused() and not TheInput:IsKeyDown(GLOBAL.KEY_CTRL) and somesortofconsolecheck then          --Do Stuff     endend)
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this is the whole check i use for my hotkeys:

and not GLOBAL.IsPaused() and not GLOBAL.TheInput:IsKeyDown(GLOBAL.KEY_CTRL) and not GLOBAL.TheInput:IsKeyDown(GLOBAL.KEY_SHIFT)	and not(TheSim:GetGameID()=="DST" and (player.HUD:IsChatInputScreenOpen() or player.HUD:IsConsoleScreenOpen())) 
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