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OnEndGrowth event ?

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Hi guys, I'm new to modding and i'd like to use an OnEndGrowth event. For example, your farm frow a fruit. When the fruit is full grown, the function drop is called and the fruit is dropped on the ground. Does an event like this already exists ? If not, do you know how events are managed ? I couldn't find a list in the LUAsĀ 

Thanks for your help !

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well, i dont think theres an event, since there's no real need to push the event to something. the growing is done by the plant and only affects the plant.

u will probably have to directly mod the plants/farms.

and events are not centrally managed, events are used all over the code, whenever theres a need to tell another entity something, that should also affect this other entity.

(ofc theres a part of the code that takes care of how the events are passed(in entityscript.lua) but i dont think thats what u mean?)

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