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Dragonfly should hoard gems not drop gems on death.

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Man, some people are just vein-poppingly upset over the dragonfly changes. I've got two solutions that I think clean things up nicely.

1: give the dragonfly the health of a normal giant with damage reduction (armor) giving it an effective health of 27.5k or however much you choose. It has dragonscale armor after all.

2: instead of dropping gems the dragonfly should have a re textured boulder made of gold and gems that it guards in its lair. No more confusion on why it drops gems and it fits perfectly with it being a dragon. Heck maybe several boulders. You choose the loot droppage for each one.

That's all! All your games are fantastic KLEI, keep up the great work and I'll keep shoving money at you from me, my wife and my family!

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