[Mod] Omni Protector Agent - WIP

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Im not working on this mod anymore, might work this into another mod later



Mostly, its just the change of Sharps Ingame model and Facemodel to the Omni Protector, but it also contains the following (he also is OP):

- every stat is full at the start

- all inventory places

- start with Sharps Augment, Neural Disruptor and Shalems Gun

- Shield which doesnt to anything but looks cool

- missing Animation (best feature ever, makes you quite often invisible)

- can kick doors, which opens them forever and KOs Guards for 1 Turn as well as greating some noice (go infront of an door and choose       the icon right to the sprinting. Needs 1 Ap but doesnt consum it for some reason)

- idles :grin:

- this should be everything I can remember


What to come:

- As soon as we can extract the .kwad files, Im going to make an icon for him as well as model recolor and     profile pic

- fix the missing animation

- Balance

- New abillitys and augments/items

- Adding Guards von other Coporations


So tell me, what to you want to say, which items and augments he get etc.




Go to the install path of Invisible Inc

Backup scripts.zip

Open Scripts.zip

go into sim/unitdefs

copy agentdefs.lua into it



I'm not responsable for every damage to your save or gamefiles, do a backup of both


Edit, forgot the file :facepalm:



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