A mode of transportation?

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Before you guys start raining fire on my head for suggesting this let me clarify.

I do NOT mean a car or something that will take you across land from point A to point B. What I mean is a boat/raft or a flying machine similar to Da Vinci's flying machine. Here's the reasoning for it.

If we accept the premise that Wilson, a scientist, is trapped on an island( because that's what the map is) surrounded by the sea, after exploring the entire area it is likely that he will attempt to cross the sea to hopefully discover a way to escape. The two ways to do this would be to either sail or fly.

1) Now to add the threats:

Sailing has the inherent danger of sinking, drowning, dying by scurvy etc. as well as being ingested by a random, very hungry, sea monster.

As for flying, there's crashing, falling, dying and being shot down by flying monsters or pigmen armed with fire darts.

2) Now to change the world, literally.

The world map will have to be bigger as well as contain islands unconnected to each other. Every time you set out from an island, there is the danger that you will not locate another island to land on.

If you sail, you can carry food, but eventually you will run out. If you fly, since the machine is propelled by you, you can get tired or hungry or, well, get eaten.

3) Finally the construction

I will leave that to sharper minds than mine to come up with a design and recipe. Suffice to say it has to be difficult to make.

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There must be an end of the map. What will be there? It would be disappointing to reach an invisible wall out of the sea that you cannot cross.

Ah but does it have to? Why not implement a mechanic where if you reach one "edge" of the map and keep going you will just reappear at the opposite "edge", the idea being if you keep going east, eventually you will be west of where you started.

Of course it would also be possible to have the "End of the world" where you will fall into oblivion if you keep going a certain direction.

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