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  1. I had the same issue (and get berries). Also when a berry bush exhausted and (right then) the annoying turkey (hlub-lub-lub) ran into it, it has changed to the "refertilized" shape, but still needed to be fertilized. (in Chrome platform)
  2. There must be an end of the map. What will be there? It would be disappointing to reach an invisible wall out of the sea that you cannot cross.
  3. An in-game encyclopedia (with nice artwork) could help the starter players with some hints/ideas. I am not thinking of crafting recipes (and thats why I am not checking the game's wiki site), just some words upon the flora and fauna and/or (random?) pages that man can collect (or 'unlock') into the "Book of Wilderness" or something like that. These collectible pages would contain an illustration of the topic (e.g. tallbird or animal traps) and maybe some hints that man might figure out (like those words that characters say while examining things). I know right now it would be a huge job to make this because there are lots to write about, but later on it would just need some new pages from every new stuff. Anyone likes the idea? Or have more thoughts?
  4. As far as I know, this is already missing: In the Chrome version of the game it would be very comfortable (if it's possible at all from the point of view of a developer) to restore the 'F11' - the fullscreen button by default in Chrome - for toggle the browser between normal and fullscreen mode(s) while playing.
  5. First of all, I haven't found any posts upon this topic, so if there is indeed some, excuse me. What I have is just an idea about eating a lot should make the character a little more chubby over time (as well as longer starving periods might have the opposite effect) as a visual feedback of well-being and also this might add a new color to the already-very-cool artwork.
  6. We do really need a rechargeable miner hat, this was my first thought while trying the game. I visualize the recharge similar as combining stuff: Exhausted miner's helmet + fireflies = renewed miner's helmet. Really looking forward to it ingame!