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World Suggestions: Mountains, Pig/Merm Forts, more land and blockers/rooms

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After playing DST for awhile, I found the world gen to be quite bland and repetitive. It almost always is a center spawn area surrounded by peninsulas with two savannahs, one swamp, one evergreen spider forest and some grasslands and deciduous forest mixed in. I believe alittle more world variety would make the game shine and bring more adventure.

Mountains: Mountains could be used in lieu of water to separate pieces of land, adding more visual variety. This would also "add" more area to the map as the player can not take the most direct route, forcing them to go around.  They could also be used to funnel players into "blockers". In Winter, snow could make passing the mountains impossible, closing off sections of the map, black powder could be used to clear the blockage. In Spring, rain could cause mudslides, spawning rocks, flint, gems and gold.

Pig/Merm Forts: There could be a new room that adds more variety to the world. The fort could be made of stone or wood walls and would span the entire peninsula. Inside would be 12-18 pigs with houses with the pig king in the center. The fort would send out scouting parties that would collect resources(berries, carrots, rocks) near them. This would force the player to fight the pigs/merms to stop them from taking food and to gain access to the peninsula.

World Size/amount of rooms/blockers: The world seems empty when playing on Huge. Sure the biomes are bigger but there is nothing in them. Increase the amount of abandon mine camps, trap chest, chess biomes and add the barracks, destroyed cities and ancient rooms to DST.  Also, add clockwork monster to the countprefab list, in my last four worlds there were no clockwork monsters in the 5 chess biomes.

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