Water and hydration.

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I agree with that idea..maybe some islands have rills or ponds..and you need to filter and boil to potabilitze the water..or maybe can craft something to take rain water..I don't remember well but i think Bear Grylls says can live 3 days without water,3 weeks witout food,or something else..in a game that can't be like this..specially if is don't starve..

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I'm guessing (based on absolutely no evidence) they want to keep the "meters" simple with the 3 they have planned currently: fear, health, hunger the only ones. Any suggestion adding another meter would on that assumption fail so you'd need a way to incorporate the need for water into the current meters. Make the Crock Pot require water? You cook stuff in water after all. You could make cleanliness and bathing linked to sanity too, like a bath you have to refill or something. Basically make water a ubiquitous crafting ingredient like twigs/grass, but make it hard to store/transport so that you are forced to either live near it or plan around it.

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