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[Suggestion] A bit more realism stuff

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If we consider generated map as an entire don't starve world (not only as some god forgotten island) Things could behave like in world we are leaving [atleast folks in northern hemisphere, (configurable in menu?)]

Savannah Desert will be more likely to spawn at southern regions, rocky bioms with glaciers at northern regions.


When you travel deeper each side North/South it will be affected by ambient temperature. Even if its e.g autumn you will need some winter/summer cloths to survive harsher condidtions which will affect you the more you get into each direction.


Moreover: all insulation calculating is constant. And it doesn't matter if its -1°C or -40° outside. It is said that winter hat gives you extra 120s before freezing and it will give you extra 120s, no matter what.

So it could be more like each clothes or item which influence your resitance to whether conditions could have its value, which would be calculated with current terms what would give final result how much will it help.


Finally i may be not correct but the temp isnt vary whether its day, dusk or night which should be, so e,g you can work easily in summers nights with no fear of overheating

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