[Exploit] - Runing while being Encumbered

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Bug Submission:

Category: Exploit

Platform: PC

Issue Title: Runing while being Encumbered

Issue Description: When you are encumbered you can't run, which makes sense. But it can be tricked.

Be encumbered and drop the items that are to heavy at the end of your turn. When you activate run first next turn and then pick up the items again, you are still able to run.

Repeating this lets you run the entire time, even while carrying to many items with your agent.

I can't imagine this being intended, otherwise the you-can't-run-penalty would be useless, wouldn't it?

Steps to Reproduce:

1. Be encumbered

2. Drop items that are to heavy

3. End turn

4. Activate run

5. Pick up items

6. You are now able to run while being encumbered.

7. Repeat

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