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Long hair impossible?

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Hello fellow modders!




I am currently working on a custom character mod and ran into a problem that I can't solve on my own.

It is long hair. So basically I want a female character with long hair. Sounds not much of a problem but I just can't figure it out. The "hair" png files are too small to support long hair so I used "hairpigtails". It works out quite well but there are a few issues that I just can't find a solution for. The "hairpigtail" animation is no good since the angle of the hair changes way too extreme.





Then there is an issue with the side view. One pigtail is sticking out to the front since the game expects a flatter angle of the pigtail. 




I searched for solutions and came across this thread. Sabeku came up with a solution but it seems that it didn't quite work out. Also after what I read there is no way to change the ingame animations. (or is it possible?) Does anyone know a workaround? The only way I see to solve this is making completely new animations for the character. But I am not even sure if this works.





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if the pigtails move too much for u, u could integrate the hair into the torso texture.


Thank you for the input! I just tried out your suggestion but the problem is that the torso is overlaying the arms. So the hair separate the arms from the body. I could try to mess around with the z-hierarchy but Sabeku already tried that and it didn't work out.


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yeah, dont change anything in the spriterfile, its not the actual spriterfile, but just a workaround to compile custom charactertextures.

and yeah, there are some limitation to the template,

@DerpTime and @Corrosive are working on a tool to change the animations:


otherwise u will have to make some compromises for now.

this is @Fredsons thread:


for his thread i tried around a bit, and i actually found the pigtails a good way to handle it and long hair ofc moves around wildly if u run like that, i found that it looked pretty good. and if u use the textures the right way, u can also hide the pigtails showing up in front of the character in the sideview, and just put the hair on the side-torso or something.

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Thanks for the response! 

Okay so this seems to be a bit tricky. I think I will go with the hairpigtail solution and try to mess around with the torso/hairpigtail textures a bit.

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