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[Gameplay] - Bug: Jumping few turns ahead

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Bug Submission:

Category: Gameplay

Platform: PC

Issue Title: Bug: Jumping few turns ahead

Issue Description: Probably topic with the same problem.

I just copy my posts from steam forum.

Post 1

My mouse is in a bad condition and sometimes it does two clicks instead of one. Really fast.

And when I click End turn button, it jumps two turns instead of one. At first i thought i am mistaken, so i started to look at game carefully. The bug did exist.

Can't see how to give more information. Currently I play on mac. Will try to repeat it on windows machine later.

Post 2

Have started a new game and now i am not sure it's a mouse problem.

Last game i saw this bug twice.

You push End turn and:

I noticed the end turn sound playing twice.

Guards go from the point they came before. Basically it looks like teleportation, but it's not.

Turn counter highlights two bars instead of one.

So as i said i don't know now, it's probably not a mouse. Maybe it's a game reaction to the memory swap. I have it sometimes. Last two times i saw it i did a normal click, but it happend anyway.

Post 3

It's not only turns.

I was hacking a 2 firewall level camera. I had 12 pwr and price was 6. When i clicked a few times, firewall level jumped from 2 to -1 and then back to 0. So i guess this is some kind of interface problems, which could be pain if it happend with End turn button.

Steps to Reproduce: I don't know. Maybe memory swap. Or really fast click on one of the interface buttons.

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